Captain Happiness- Avner Even-Zohar

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If you want to be Happy-BE! By Captain Avner Even-Zohar

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Captain Avner Even-Zohar is an officer (HELLO- he is a captain!), professor, philosopher, public speaker, writer, humorist, educator for humanity and above all-a profound Karaoke Mega Star.  After being in the rat race for-way too long, he discovered Happiness, the hard way unfortunately (which, apparently, in the only way to do it), ever since he cannot keep quite, and preaches Happiness to all who are willing to listen and particularly…to those who are not J

Leonardo de Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" the book If you want be Happy-Be elevates human Happiness to ultimate sophistication through its charming and capturing simplicity. The book is geared for all humanity, for we all need to be happy. Adults could read for kids about Happiness and through the process will enhance their own Happiness.  Much like: The Little Prince and The Giving Tree the book delivers deep philosophical concepts in a bright, humorous and comprehensible manner. A great gift for parents, kids, colleagues, students, teachers, family, friends… (And above all-enemies) and, frankly, anybody who wants to be Happy- which is all of us- isn’t it?


Cover of the book-If you want to be Happy- be! By Captain Avner Even-Zohar

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A Happy illustration from the book: “If you want to be Happy-Be” by Captain Avner Even-Zohar